Statement of Information Practices

Prosperitas Medical Solutions Inc. (PMSi) provides a software platform that facilities the billing of both public and private insurance providers by physicians throughout Ontario. It also facilities the tracking and management of services provided to patients by physicians billing under a fee for service model business model. PMSi has also implemented a rigorous program to protect personal health information from theft, loss, unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure and disposal. PMSi conducts independent annual audits and investigations to monitor and manage our privacy compliance and is currently in full compliance of the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).

Collection of Personal Health Information

PMSi collects personal health information from healthcare providers such as family doctors, specialists and hospitals. The personal health information collected includes:

  • Information about services provided to patients under the care of primary care physicians, specialists and surgeons as wells as certain services and procedures performed in a palliative care environment and in long-term care facilities.
  • Information about services provided to patients on a pre and post operative basis as well as any required follow-up treatments/procedures
  • Personal health information of patients required to facilitate payment for services rendered in a primary care setting (eg Name, Address, Health Card Number, DOB, etc.)

Not all data collected by PMSi is retained by company. The Personal Health Information (PHI) itself is not retained by PMSi as all identifying information is deleted from our servers, leaving only anonymized data in our possession. This data is then aggregated, organized and analysed to help physicians manage their payments from the Ministry of Health.

Purpose for the use of Personal Health Information

PMSi uses personal health information in order to obtain payment, monitor and verify the reimbursement of health care claims as per section 37(1) of Ontario Regulation 329/04 - Permitted Use under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA). This data also allows healthcare providers and organizations to improve the quality of care provided by equipping physicians with better organized information that improves assessments and treatments of patients. The information is also aggregated and summarized to produce reports and analyses for planning and management of the healthcare delivery on the organizational level. These reports are not available to the public and do not contain personal health information or identify individuals; these analyses provide aggregated data only.

Limiting Disclosure

PMSi provides data to health care providers and organizations who use it for purposes in accordance with the PMSi mandate, such as boards of individual physicians, physician groups, hospitals and other healthcare service facilities and organizations, while conforming to the limiting principle that only the minimum personal health information necessary for the purpose will be provided. PMSi does not provide any Personal Health Information to third parties for research or marketing purposes.

Security Safeguards

Personal health information collected by PMSi is protected by administrative, physical and technological controls that adhere to industry best practices for security and safeguards against unauthorized accidental or intentional release of information. Examples of these protections include state-of the-art electronic security, requirements to educate all users in their responsibilities to protect the data and report any problems, and places of business with appropriate locks and other physical controls.

Access and Correction

As a privacy best practice, if you make a request to PMSi to access your own Personal Health Information, PMSi will refer you back to your healthcare service provider who initially collected the information. As PMSi does not store Personal Health Information, any requests to correct your personal health information should be directed to your healthcare provider.

More Information

Individuals may obtain further information about PMSi privacy policies and procedures by calling, emailing or writing to the Privacy Officer.

Complaints or concerns about PMSi privacy policies and procedures may also be sent to the PMSi Privacy Officer by email, phone, or in writing. The Privacy Officer, who can be reached as follows:

PMSi Privacy Officer
Prosperitas Medical Solutions Inc.
319-270 Wellington St. W., Toronto, ON | M5V 3P5

Individuals may make a complaint regarding compliance to the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 and its regulation to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario who can be reached as follows:

Information and Privacy Commissioner
2 Bloor Street East | Suite 1400
Toronto | ON | M4W 1A8
Phone: 416.326.3333 or 1.800.387.0073