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We can help you improve your practice using the latest technologies and best practices available.

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We provide technology planning and technical services; strategic planning for use of technology; and consulting in business process engineering/re-engineering. PMSi also studies the impact of technology on organizations and how advancements in technology can be used to increase not only the efficiency of the organization in question but also provide a superior experience to both healthcare providers and the recipients of healthcare services.

Practice Management

PMSi has helped a number of private practices optimize not only their medical billing claims but also their operational processes to maximize efficiency and increase the average monthly yield of their business.

Whether you run a family practice or a specialty clinic, we can help your business earn more on both a top and bottom line basis.

Remittance & Payment Outsourcing

Tired of chasing down uninsured patients for payment? How about managing your own errors, rejections and remittances? PMSi understands that clinicians have better things to do with their time than basic bookkeeping and have helped numerous clinicians by taking the drudgery out of their practice. Outsourcing the payments component of your practice (insured or uninsured), will allow you to go back to focusing on what you do best: Treating patients, diagnosing illnesses and helping those in need.

Contact Payment Services to learn more about how we can make your life easier and your business run more smoothly.

Support & Training

Need help training your staff? PMSi is here to help. We're operational and efficiency experts who can help train both new and experienced support staff to utilize industry best practices for optimal results in both the organization of patient services, and medical billing procedure.

Our Products

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Mobile Billing App

PMSi has built the most advanced mobile billing platform in Canada. Want to try it out? Contact us to demo our trial version.

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Stand-Alone Desktop

Need a better way to bill OHIP? PMSi has significant experience building bespoke billing solutions for healthcare institutions in Canada. We've produced some of the most advanced and comprehensive billing systems in Canada for both private clainical practices and healthcare institutions. Our desktop based software can sit behind nearly any firewalls and requires nearly no access to our servers (outside of upgrades) to function normally.

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Want to access our billing system in the cloud? Gain access to some of the best billing tools in the country remotely with our subscription model. Contact our Sales Team for more details.

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